by Plucky Walker



This track was composed after I'd been laid up in bed for several months with a broken fibula and microfractures in my right ankle. It was developed through a series of vocal and keyboard improvisations using Ableton Live. At one time I thought this song might signal a new direction for my work, but as of now, it's just an anomaly.


released January 11, 1911
Vocals, Production, and Photography by Plucky Walker.




Plucky Walker Asheville, North Carolina

Plucky Walker is a lost island of rap, a freestyle savant whose hunger for improvisation and contrary disposition has led to a bitter lack of recorded output. A sworn enemy of swag, focused on vibrant storytelling
and armed with a dizzying array of styles, his story is one rife with near-death experience, drug abuse, larceny, heartbreak and incarceration. In many ways, the story of rap itself.
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